Work Experience

Related Jobs/Internships

  1. Forensic Technology Intern | PricewaterhouseCoopers | Prague, Czech Republic (May – June 2016)
    • Worked primarily on automating use cases for a web application being made by the FTS department.
    • Learned and implemented C# and Selenium to code unit tests to verify the application’s functionality.
    • Completed several ad hoc, data-manipulation tasks in preparation for a hackathon hosted by PwC.
  2. Head of Information Technology | Camp Yavneh | Northwood, NH (June – August 2016)
    • Maintained the entire camp’s IT functions, on an organizational level, as well as individual.
    • Managed all internet and networking systems.
    • Handled day-to-day troubleshooting for the camp as a whole, as well as its staff.
  3. Freelance Web Developer (October 2011 – Present)
    • Consult with clients to build, code, and maintain functional, user-friendly websites.  For work samples, see projects.

Other Experience

  1. TAMID Consultant | OmegaPoint | Tel Aviv, Israel (January – May 2016)
    • Engaged remotely in pro-bono consulting for OmegaPoint, an Israeli technology startup.
    • Conducted market research and data analytics to help the firm expand its reach and broaden its user base.
  2. Externship | DataXu | Boston, MA (January 2016)
    • Met with industry professionals ranging from systems architects to machine-learning PhDs.
    • Learned in-depth about the industry of programmatic advertising and marketing analytics.
  3. Counselor and Audio/Visual Specialist | Camp Yavneh | Northwood, NH (Summers 2014 and 2015)
    • Responsible for caring for a bunk of kids throughout the summer.
    • Managed the camp’s audio and audio-visual equipment, and prepared locations for various performances/events throughout the summer.
  4. Volunteer Cinematographer | StonehamTV | Stoneham, MA (September 2011 – December 2013)
    • Filmed, edited, and produced high school varsity Football and Basketball games, to be shown on local community access television station.