Spring 2018

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  1. ECO 358 – Game Theory
    • A mathematical analysis of how people interact in strategic situations. Applications include strategic pricing, negotiations, voting, contracts and economic incentives, and environmental issues.
  2. EES 004 – The Science of Environmental Issues
    • Analysis of current environmental issues from a scientific perspective. The focus on the course will be weekly discussions based on assigned readings.
  3. ME 141 – General Aviation Technology and Operations
    • A Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certified course for students interested in understanding the engineering and operational aspects of the general aviation industry, including aerodynamics, aircraft systems and performance, weather, navigation, flight procedures, regulations, maneuvers, and the physiology of flight. Successful completion of the course will fulfill the FAA requirement for the ground school component of a private pilot certification.
  4. MGT 301 – Strategic Management in a Global Environment
    • The capstone business class, integrating concepts and practices from the core business classes, utilizing an organizationwide strategic perspective and examining the relationship among firm strategy, structure and environment. The course emphasizes strategic analysis strategy formulation, and strategy implementation so as to achieve sustainable competitive advantage. Corporate governance, corporate social responsibility and business ethics are incorporated into the strategic perspective. Case analyses and competitive simulation game are the central learning components. Must have senior standing in the College of Business and Economics, and completion of the college core.
  5. PHY 013 – General Physics II
    • A continuation of PHY 10, primarily for biological science and earth and environmental science students. Electrostatics, electromagnetism, light, sound, atomic physics, nuclear physics, and radioactivity.