Spring 2016

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  1. ACCT 152 – Introduction to Managerial Accounting
    • An introduction to internal accounting information for all levels of management. Topics include cost flow in a manufacturing operation; planning, evaluating and controlling through budgeting and standard costing; and decision-making using cost-volume-profit analysis, direct costing, and relevant costs.
  2. CSB 311 – Computer Applications in Business
    • Application of computer technology to business problems. Transaction processing systems that support the revenue, conversion, and expenditure cycles of manufacturing, service, and retail business organizations. Topics include process modeling, data modeling, internal controls, corporate IT governance, IT audit techniques, SAP and application of Generalized Audit Software.
  3. CSE 202 – Computer Organization and Architecture
    • Interaction between low-level computer architectural properties and high-level program behaviors: instruction set design; digital logic and assembly language; processor organization; the memory hierarchy; multicore and GPU architectures; and processor interrupt/exception models.
  4. CSE 241 – Database Systems and Applications
    • Design of large databases: Integration of databases and applications using SQL and JDBC; transaction processing; performance tuning; data mining and data warehouses.
  5. ECO 146 – Applied Microeconomic Analysis
    • The application of economic analysis to managerial and public policy decision-making.
  6. SCM 186 – Supply Chain Operations Management
    • Introduction to managing global supply chains and operations within the context of an integrated value chain. Topics include supply chain management, total quality management, project management, demand forecasting, supply management, lean operations, aggregate planning, capacity planning, inventory management, distribution and transportation management, and performance measurement.