Fall 2016

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  1. CSE 303 – Operating System Design
    • Process and thread programming models, management, and scheduling. Resource sharing and deadlocks. Memory management, including virtual memory and page replacement strategies. I/O issues in the operating system. File system implementation. Multiprocessing. Computer security as it impacts the operating system.
  2. CSE 340 – Design and Analysis of Algorithms
    • Algorithms for searching, sorting, manipulating graphs and trees, finding shortest paths and minimum spanning trees, scheduling tasks, etc.: proofs of their correctness and analysis of their asymptotic runtime and memory demands. Designing algorithms: recursion, divide-and-conquer, greediness, dynamic programming. Limits on algorithm efficiency using elementary NP-completeness theory.
  3. ECO 301 – Econometric Software
    • An opportunity to become proficient in the powerful statistical package, Stata, which which has been widely and heavily used by economic consulting firms and economists from academia and the private and public sectors. Students will learn how to utilize Stata to bridge the gap between source data and final analysis. Working with World Bank data will provide hands-on, practical experience. Upon completion of this course students will be able to manage data to boost their research and analysis skills.

  4. LAW 201 – Legal Enviroment of Business
    • This course examines the legal relationships between business and government, business and society, and the individual and society. A significant focus of the course is on the structure of the U.S. legal system, the role of the courts in the legal system, and contract law as the principal mechanism for the private allocation of resources and risk allocation. The course also focuses on business ethics with particular emphasis on corporate social responsibility.
  5. MATH 205 – Linear Methods
    • Linear differential equations and applications; matrices and systems of linear equations; vector spaces; eigenvalues and application to linear systems of differential equations.