Fall 2014

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  1. BUS 001 – Introduction to Business in a Global Environment
    • An introduction to business, emphasizing critical issues impacting the business world, such as globalization, technology, ethics, and diversity. Provides an overview of the various functional areas of business and how they fit together. Stresses experiential learning and develops team-building skills. Strengthens written and oral communications skills. Provides an introduction to career opportunities and curriculum choices in business and economics.
  2. CSE 001 – Breadth of Computing
    • Broad overview of computer science, computer systems, and computer applications. Interactive Web page development.
  3. CSE 002 – Fundamentals of Programming
    • Problem-solving and object-oriented programming using Java.
  4. ECO 001 – Principles of Economics
    • A one-semester course in the principles of economics. General topics covered are: supply and demand; pricing and production decisions of firms; the role of government in the economy; the determination of national income; money and banking; monetary and fiscal policy; and government finance.
  5. ENGL 011 – Literature Seminar for Freshmen
    • Alternative to Composition and Literature for freshmen who have earned exemption from English 1 and qualify for a seminar in literature. Recommended especially for qualified students who are considering a major in the humanities. Topics vary by section.
  6. MATH 022 – Calculus II
    • Applications of integration; techniques of integration; separable differential equations; infinite sequences and series; Taylor’s Theorem and other approximations; curves and vectors in the plane.