Community Involvement

  1. Lehigh Computer Science and Business Association
    • Student-run executive board responsible for a wide range of internal and external administrative tasks pertaining to the major and its student body, including, but not limited to:
      • Managing an annual budget of $3000.
      • Planning and hosting professional development events to allow CSB students to network with recruiters and alumni and build career skills.
      • Improving the CSB Freshmen experience through a mentorship program and various other means of connecting incoming students to their more experienced peers.
      • Social events to allow CSB students to better get to know one another.
      • Recruitment of high school students into the CSB program who are considering applying to/attending Lehigh.
  2. TAMID Group – Consulting Arm
    • The TAMID Group is a nonprofit organization that develops the professional skills of undergraduate students through hands-on interaction with the Israeli economy.
      TAMID integrates the next generation of entrepreneurs and business professionals with Israel through a comprehensive education curriculum, pro-bono consulting for Israeli startups, capital market investment research, and a summer internship program in Israel. TAMID has no political or religious affiliations.

  3. Lehigh Programming Club (Association for Computing Machinery)
    • Taken from first-hand experience with hackathons, internships, and interviews with employees at big-name companies (like Google and Yahoo!), we can say with certainty that if you only ever work on your class assignments, you will not be prepared to compete for positions at top-tier tech companies. And you just won’t b e able to make much cool stuff in general. So much of a programmer’s education is done on his/her own time. Our goal is to make that experience easier, through a series of workshops that will help you develop skills in web development, game development, robotics, modern software engineering practices, and more.

  4. Lehigh Investment Management Group
    • The Lehigh University Investment Management Group is the bridge to the financial markets at Lehigh University. The goals of the Investment Management Group are to further the understanding of the financial markets and finance industry for all students involved.

      We seek to achieve these objectives through the management of our three investment portfolios: the Dreyfus Portfolio, the Rights Portfolio, and the FSL Value Portfolio. Each portfolio invests real money and is entirely student run. In addition to the portfolios, the group actively provides for interactions with members of the finance and Wall Street communities.

  5. Lehigh Computer Security Club
  6. Lehigh Hillel
  7. Lehigh Friends of Israel
  8. Alpha Epsilon Pi