This website, for the time being, is intended as an expanded, interactive résumé to allow for a more detailed overview of everything I do. Specifically I aim to:

  • Provide a little background knowledge of each of the courses I’ve taken at Lehigh, and the skills I’ve acquired from them.
  • Enumerate some of the most useful skills, software, and programming languages in which I consider myself to have at least a solid foundation.
  • Maintain an ever-expanding account of all of my previous and current work experience.
  • Demonstrate my leadership capabilities through examples of positions I’ve held in various organizations and executive boards that require decision-making responsibilities with which I affect a larger population.
  • Record my campus involvement at Lehigh by detailing the organizations with which I’ve associated.
  • Catalog some of the projects and websites from over the years of which I’m most proud.

Thanks for reading, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!